Classic Yacht Association, PNW Fleet Commodore's Day Cruise -- February, 2004


Olympic Yacht Club, South Sound 10-day cruise -- July, 2004

After an extensive, 5-month haul-out and refit in early 2004 (2004 Haul-out and Restoration), the Pied Piper and her owner were oh so ready for a slow and peaceful and relaxing cruise to shake out the new systems and to reacquaint both the boat and the owner to the waters of Puget Sound.  We headed to the luxurious wooded islands of south Puget Sound with other Olympic Yacht Club boats for a hot, sunny, relaxing week.  You will see in the photos below how wonderful the cruise was.  With a long-time boater friend at the helm for a few hours, the owner and her trusty watch dog were sound asleep on the very first day out.  Sunshine sparkled off of freshly varnished mahogany and newly chromed brass fittings.  The best of friends cruised alongside.  The boat ran and handled perfectly.  Smooth waters and protected harbors greeted us anytime we thought to move our boats.  Mount Rainier was out in all of her glory and in the most beautiful of her moods.  Many naps were enjoyed on the aft settee.  The brand new Gig Harbor Boat Works sailing dinghy was rigged (well, ok with just a bit of confusion on the part of the non-sailing owner) and sailed and sailed and sailed.  Delicious potluck dinners were shared.  Breakfast each day was later and later and later until we just gave up and had lunch when we got up.  It was the most perfect of weeks.  And this boat is even more the most perfect of boats.


Pied Piper Rededication and Blessing Day -- August, 2004

After that long, five-month haul-out on land with so much work done on the boat, and then after finally being "splashed" again and getting the kinks worked out, and then going cruising for a week into sunny South Sound, the Pied Piper was ready for a party to formally rededicate her to the waters of greater Puget Sound and environs.  In August of 2004, several other classic yachts and many friends gathered to share a blessing of the boat and of ourselves as keepers of our boats.  As you will see, we did it in style with a lake cruise, a blessing read by the current owner, the appropriate champagne blessing of the boat with toasts all around, and a delicious potluck lunch.  One of the photos below shows the champagne bottle's red box ... appropriately (and deliciously!), the brand name was "Piper".

The honored escort vessel this day was Maranee, a Chris-Craft built the same year that the Matthews Pied Piper was splashed (1940) and built only a few miles from where the Pied Piper was built, both boats built on Lake Erie.  During the early years of their lives, both boats were moored at the same marina on Lake Erie and the owners at that time were members of the same yacht club on Lake Erie, the Port Clinton Yacht Club.  We believe the boats must have cruised together.  Subsequently, the two boats were sold to other owners and moved apart, each making her way at different times, unbenownst to the other, to Seattle.

In December 2001, the Pied Piper was purchased in Seattle by her current owner and moved in March, 2002, from Hanan Yachts (the brokerage) to another marina on Lake Union in Seattle.  In 2003 the Pied Piper moved again, to Stimson Marina in Seattle where Maranee had been moored for many years.  The owners of Maranee and Pied Piper became friends.  Maranee's owners researched the history of these two boats and discovered their special history together.  Of course, the current owners of both boats are now fast friends and we think these boats were also fast friends with each other from the very beginning in Port Clinton, Ohio, and the boats are now finally back together in Seattle, Washington.  It was an honor and a treat for Pied Piper to have her old friend Maranee cruising alongside her on this very special day.  We're sure the old girls had LOTS to talk about.


Classic Yacht Association, Poulsbo weekend and show -- September, 2004

It's always fun cruising with friends to one of the most relaxing public shows of classic wood powerboats that CYA sponsors.  The people of Poulsbo know the value of history and tradition and always treat CYA folks and our boats most generously.  And they always seem to order up a weekend of warmth and sunshine, sometimes rare in late September in the Pacific Northwest.  The two boats pictured below cruising along with Pied Piper are boats built by Schertzer Brothers Boats in Seattle .. 1933 45-foot Shearwater and 1931 32-foot Hobby.  Friends indeed.


Weekend cruise with friends to Eagle Harbor -- October, 2004

Five boats of friends took our old wood boats over to beautiful Eagle Harbor on the west side of Puget Sound to celebrate the return of our friend David, owner of Willobee G, a 1927 48-foot Hoffar-Beeching classic cruiser.  David had spent the entire summer cruising in the Canadian Gulf Islands, up the Sunshine Coast, in amongst the islands of Desolation Sound, and on to points even further north.  We were envious of his trip, that's for sure, and we wanted to hear his stories and tales of adventure .. and he had many!  It was a surprisingly warm weekend, even with the mild, tho incessant, Pacific Northwest drizzle that arrived Saturday morning.  On Sunday, as we all motored back to Seattle to our various home marinas, a nasty wind developed in the opposite direction of the current, making for a bouncy, uncomfortable ride back.  All the boats traveled together for safety and everyone wore a life jacket.  Even tho our boats are perfectly maintained, once inside the bay at the foot of the Hiram Chittenden Locks and in the quiet lee of the hill there, we breathed a sigh of relief.  The work that classic wood boat-owners do to keep their vessels shipshape is well worth the time and effort and money.  And the cruising in this beautiful part of the world with the best of friends alongside in these extraordinary vessels, makes all of it even more than worthwhile.  It was a great weekend.

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