Andrews Bay raft-up, a hot summer weekend with friends -- July, 2005

Late July -- the middle of a fine, hot summer.  (Look at these pictures and tell me it rains all the time in Seattle!)  A bunch of friends decided to take our old wood power boats and well, yes, one fiberglass boat with a very tall mast (what are those things for?!) out into Lake Washington and down to Andrews Bay, the only bay in all of the extremely huge expanse of Lake Washington where anchoring is allowed.  We had a blast!  A gorgeous and safe anchorage.  Goofy friends.  Frolic and fun.  The perfect blend of great weather, fine friends, and the best of boats.

There are two links to two videos here.  The first is of the 1959 Monk-designed boat, Thunderbird, running alongside Pied Piper on our way to the Andrews Bay anchorage.  The second is of the hot summer raft-up of boats and the fun everyone had cooling off in the water.

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