Classic Yacht Association, Bell Harbor Marina Classic Show -- June, 2005

Clouds and wind disappeared from our usually wet and rainy skies and left Seattle with a wonderfully hot, sunny, summer weekend ... perfect for what we believe is the largest gathering in the world of fine old wood recreational power vessels.  This annual event is a real crowd-pleaser and fun for the vessel owners as well.  The photos below show the Friday afternoon parade of vessels past the Seattle waterfront complete with a fireboat escort (our boats look kind of small next to that monstrous cruise ship), the entry of each vessel into Bell Harbor Marina, and a few photos of the boats and owners throughout the weekend show.  Besides the boats in the parade, about 15 others were already moored in the marina, including the Pied Piper whose owner clambered out onto a neighboring commercial pier to take the photos of each boat in the parade as they entered the marina channel.  For more information about these particular boats, classics in general, or about the Classic Yacht Association, please visit the CYA website at

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