Cruising with friends for three weeks into Canada -- May, 2005

This was a year with no haul-outs!  The Pied Piper was happy, instead, with a wonderfully relaxing and extensive spring cruise in 2005 into the gorgeous waters of the Gulf Islands in Canada and the San Juan Islands in the USA.  Friends came along on aboard, and two other boats owned by other friends traveled along with us.  These photos show but a portion of the soft rain during the first week of this 3-week trip, our stay in Nanaimo waiting for a 3-day storm to pass through, and then the glorious, sunny, summer-hot weather as we cruised back south through the Gulf Islands and the San Juans.  Stops along the way included Port Townsend, Prevost Harbor, Telegraph Harbor, Nanaimo, Maple Bay, Genoa Bay, Tod Inlet, Port Browning, Ganges, Sucia Island, and Langley.  We took a fun ferry ride on a small inter-island Canadian ferry from Thetis Island where our boats were moored over to the town of Chemainus on Vancouver Island just for a day trip and a walking tour of that town's murals and a delicious! lunch at Kudo's restaurant in the old-town part of Chemainus.  The Pied Piper ran perfectly.  We ate and walked and napped and talked and kayaked and watched eagles and whales and sea otters and herons galore ... and took lots of pictures.  It was heaven.

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