"On the hard" -- February through July, 2004

After owning the Pied Piper for two years and deciding this boat will be staying in the family for many years to come, the current owner hauled the boat on February 17, 2004, for significant maintenance, upgrades, repairs, refitting, and a bit of restoration.  It didn't take much research to decide to haul the boat at Jensen Motorboat Company, 1417 Boat Street, Seattle, Washington.  With three generations of shipwrights as owners, the best craftspeople on staff, and indoor storage for the boat, it was an easy decision.  The pictures below show but a fraction of the work done ... and represent but a fraction of the time taken to perform that work ... the photos do hit the highlights, tho.  Three shipwrights worked on the boat, one marine electrician, two professional wood boat painters, a fire extinguisher specialist, a fuel tank fabricator, a professional wood/varnish restorer, and the dedicated owner who spent, with very rare exception, every evening and every weekend day working on the boat for those 5 very long and very expensive months.  In addition to these people, many dozens more were consultants, re-chroming or brass refinishing companies, companies that supplied parts, two marine surveyors who specialized in wood, and other wood boat owners.  Friends helped with specific projects, emotional support, and homemade dinners and/or homemade chocolate cake.

The short list of items accomplished is:  all new thru hulls and valves, new inlet strainers and double-clamped hoses, all new holding tank system, dripless shaft glands, original fire extinguisher system in bilge re-charged, new water pump impellers and hoses, second and third bilge pump, new 8D batteries, new voltage regulator and wiring, stem repair, full-length keel copper plating for original 1940 marine radio removed, original copper fuel tanks removed and pressure tested, new larger aluminum powder coated fuel tanks built and installed with new pumps and lines and wiring, new water tank installed with new pump and hoses and wiring, shafts straightened, props cleaned and balanced (spare set purchased), zincs replaced, shaft bearings replaced, rudder tubes and supports replaced, steel fasteners bleeding rust thru upper deck replaced, 3 thru-hulls moved to above water line, new deeper swim platform built and installed with fourth brass "lady" support added, new engine exhausts of fiberglass, rubrails and lower splashrails replaced with solid stainless steel, 5 planks at rear waterline replaced due to dry rot, lower half of transom replaced due to dry rot, wood in frames in front of horn timber and over shaft struts replaced due to dry rot, sand and partially re-caulk and paint bottom and topsides, re-chrome many many parts, "wood" and stain and varnish upper half of transom and sides of house and toe rails and hatches, new name decal on transom.  After all this work and more, the Pied Piper "splashed" on July 16, 2004.

The Pied Piper dances on the water again.  And is safe and secure for many more decades to come.

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