The Pied Piper comes into the family!

Purchased in December of 2001, with title transferred in January of 2002, the Pied Piper enjoyed many hours during the first several months of 2002 getting acquainted with her new owner.  A working bilge pump was installed (more were added later), fire extinguishers updated, the boat was thoroughly cleaned, furniture and carpeting and bedding and kitchen-ware purchased and brought on board, tools brought on board, engine oil changes and tune-ups performed, all systems thoroughly checked, original copies of the original engine maintenance and specification manuals obtained, and the Matthews Boat Owners Association contacted in order to obtain documents relating to Matthews boats in general and original documents relating to this specific boat in particular.  Many day trips and a few over-night trips were taken on the boat close to the home marina as shake-down cruises, with subsequent repairs and upgrades performed.  It was a busy and exciting time.  And yet eventually, as the sun warmed the beautiful Pacific Northwest waters, it was time to head outside the Seattle lakes, into the Pacific Northwest salt water of Puget Sound, and take this classic yacht on a real cruise.  With a long-time boater friend aboard and with other club boats alongside, the Pied Piper and her new owner cruised the rich wooded islands and islets of protected and warm south Puget Sound for 10 wonderful days.  After all that work and after a relaxing, fun, and problem-free cruise, this owner and her "new" boat knew they were a perfect match.

Olympic Yacht Club, South Sound 10-day cruise -- July, 2002

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